About Will Selva


Will Selva hosts on Big West Now in both English and Spanish.

Will Selva witnessed the roots of a vision that sprouted up into the American Dream from two parents who immigrated from Nicaragua. Like most immigrants, their odyssey was dotted with numerous hardships, but they clung to an iron-clad belief in the tenets of attaining success in the U.S.: determination, hard work and drive. They instilled those traits in Will and while they left Nicaragua decades before, the small Central American country never really left them.

That was evident when they made sure Spanish was the first and only language spoken in the household. Will Selva has been both thankful and prideful for that very fact ever since. It would prove to be a valuable asset down the road in his sports broadcasting career, but being bilingual was just part of his unique background. Growing up, Will felt a binding connection to the careers of Nicaraguan sports legends such as boxer Alexis Arguello and pitcher Dennis Martinez.

His admiration for the Hispanic athlete fully mushroomed to include all sports, whether it was Diego Maradona, Anthony Munoz or Manu Ginobili. Today, Will Selva is committed to sharing their stories and countless others as it relates to a burgeoning Hispanic population in the US. He’s done interviews in Spanish and English, moderated forums on reaching the Hispanic sports fan, created a college football segment and hosted shows in his native tongue. Will’s goal is to bring the flare, passion and desire that these Hispanic athletes exhibit to their respective disciplines and expose them to a broader audience.

About Hispanic Athletes

Diego Maradona

A past Argentine footballer and former manager and coach for the national team of Argentina, Diego Maradona is regarded by many football critics as one of the best football players of all time. Diego Maradona has participated in four FIFA World Cups including the 1986 World Cup which took place in 1986 in which he was the captain for Argentina. In 2002, Fifa.com voters chose his  1986 goal against England as the “Goal of The Century.”

In 1986, While captain for Argentina, Maradona led his team to World Cup  victory against West Germany. Maradona played during the entire final game and scored his own goals as well as making assists. During the entire 1986 tournament, Maradona attempted or made over half of Argentina’s goals and also earned his team numerous free kicks from being fouled over fifty times.

Anthony Munoz 

Anthony Munoz played 13 seasons for the Cincinnati Bengals and is a Pro Football Hall of Fame offensive tackle. Many people consider Munoz as one of the great offensive linemen in NFL history. Before playing football at the University of Southern California, Anthony Munoz went to high school in Ontario, California at Chaffey High School. He played football and baseball at University of Southern California- pitching for USC’s national championship during 1978.

His NFL career began when he became the third overall pick during the 1980 NFL Draft and was chosen to play for the Cincinnati Bengals. Munoz played for the Bengals in Super Bowl XVI and Super Bowl XXIII in which the team endured losses to the San Francisco 49ers during both games. The NFL awarded Munoz NFL Player of the Year in 1981, 1985, 1988 and 1989. Munoz was awarded the Offensive Lineman of the Year four times- specifically in 1987 and in 1989-1991.


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