La Liga

La Liga is the top professional football division within the Spanish football league system. Around 60 teams have competed in La Liga and nine of those have been designated as champions. Two of the major teams- Real Madrid and Barcelona- have been dominating the championship overall. Within Europe, La Liga has been ranking at the top of the leagues due to the success of the teams, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

In terms of awards, the players in La Liga have won the most Ballon d’Or awards which ties with the amount the players have won in Serie A. They have also won the most FIFA World Player of the Year awards.

Ukrainian Premier League

The Ukrainian Premier League comprises the highest level of the annual Ukrainian football championship in which it became a part of the Professional Football League during the mid 1990s. The 2013-14 was the league’s sixth season since departing from the Professional Football League around 2008. The season regulations include the league organizing and creating the contests within the clubs which are members and these contests are based on the principle of “Fair Play.” 14 clubs comprise the league and everyone in the league must be approved by the Premier League General Assembly.


Commonly known as Bundesliga, is a German football league which overall has one of the top stadium attendance on average. It Includes eighteen teams, and it’s season runs from summer to spring (August to May) with mainly these games occurring on Saturdays and Sundays. Since the league was started, a total of fifty-two clubs have taken part in the Bundesliga. In terms of attendance, the league has had incredible, record-breaking success.