Luis Suarez had yet another opponent crying out for mercy as he put his knee on their throats, not literally of course, although it would be plausible to leap to that reaction given his recent checkered past on the pitch, whether its allegedly hurling a racist comment or munching on an opposing player’s limb.


Luis Suarez is a Uruguayan footballer who plays for Premier League club Liverpool.

Suarez toyed with a disheartened Cardiff side by assisting on one goal and knocking home two others, bringing his BPL total to a whopping 19 goals in 12 matches, an unprecedented scoring binge the likes we have not seen. He’s on a staggering pace for 60 at the moment and wouldn’t doubt him seizing the achievement. Think about the dent he would’ve made had he not been suspended for biting Chelsea’s Ivanovic.

The overall total would be far greater. His play against Cardiff showed his determination in and around the box, never giving up and constantly moving. As a result, Liverpool is now on top of the table. Suarez caps off an unforgettable week in which the Uruguayan also inked an extension. In the summer, he seemed destined to be anywhere other than Liverpool, making the agreement all the more unthinkable, but the club did the smart move and in turn, gave it more control if someone were to seek out his services. When his head is right, like it is now, he’s a potent striker in top form that can’t be slowed. Cardiff found that out.